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keep going


life has its own way of humbling us through adversity the blessing is the strength you get from moving forward progress is what we all after but progress is something that hits a plateau at a certain point it comes a time where you just have to keep going self inspiration self motivation self determination they say in life we get the most things we are determined to acquire we don't get everything we want in life we get what we are most determined. There comes a time in our brains where we hit the on switch to things we are most determined to do no matter what arises we keep going and get it done our minds tell our body don't stop when we really want something our mind tells our body keep going we need it I guess the saying goes how bad do you want it  we tend to let mistakes hold us back or keep us from keep going but I'm here to tell you keep going for the strain is strength the mistakes is knowledge the humbling and regrouping is the patience and dedication success starts with the decision to be successful nobody said it was easy they say the easiest way to do something is take your time and do it the right way but taking thee approach of finding a million ways to do something wrong isn't bad either I guess once you get it right you wont experiment anymore on other ways to do it right because you did enough analyzing that resulted in unsuccessful attempts the strongest person are those that grow from mistakes they do say mistakes are the best teacher in life reaching for perfection theres nothing wrong with striving to be the best you can possibly be  remember you gotta keep going the bounce back is always higher than thee intitial come up its the fall that gives us the spring to go higher than before look at it as a basketball as a dope artist once said even a basketball has to fall to bounce higher so in life a humbling event will spring us forward its the growth through the setback that helps you advance so stay in good spirits and always keep going


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