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 Stay hungry


They say greed is sin but they say never lose your hunger so if you always hungry isn't that just being greedy what's keeps you staying hungry is it your family is it your habits is it your goals is it your burning desire to be spectacular in life don't let your hunger overceed your intelligence don't let your hunger over stand your Independence alot of people think success is easier obtained when you get put in a position you have to put yourself in gear what are you really hungry for there's no Wrong answer only small or big see what you develope a consistent flow of is you channel your hungers towards being amazing in life nobody said success road was easy so many people see that exit for success road but once they travel on it alot of em turn around they thought it wasnt worth it don't ever feel giving up is worth it I been in many stopping points turning points defining moments in my life I've learned more through my lessons which makes me stay hungry for my blessings that much more motivational for my self worth water your self worth take care of yourself inspire yourself every dream started our just your dream stay hungry for your dream work to be everything you know you are people might say you different or changing don't let them being unmotivated to handle of the work load deter you see you truly are what you be around because you only place yourself in areas you feel comfortable don't fall complacent stay hungry strong mind body and sound you were blessed with unimaginable gifts to be great unleash them don't fall victim to the laziness and distractions of others stay focused stay hungry in the winners circle is the ones who never gave up