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The world is changing and as we embrace this internet phase of life have you took a look outside have you noticed the changes different businesses where old ones used to be have you noticed different buildings going up it's easy to restructure if everyone is in the house and not in the public evolution is upon us digital currencies etc the change is happening the turning point is here it's a free world we are free to educate ourselves without losing our thumbs this is the day and age where you have to train your people like the horse does there babies it's an independent world where you must use the basics to advance you must teach yourself and those around you these is the times where you have to come together the future  is in progress today for tomorrow they will be another day closer and I ask you what does your future hold we are approaching a new way of living a new independent phase where you have to be more self reliant on your blessings self sufficient is a better term for this day and age application is a great word in this century you have to apply yourself there more resources to help you put yourself in position than there is government assistance the new assistance is to put the people to work give the people every opportunity to better themselves speaking back on the word evolution take a trip through them areas see how things are changing infrastructure is different  alot of things are taking place take your place create your history in this new evolution evolving right before us