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humble pie

If your losses don't inspire you what is your wins doing for you? in life there's a saying that we all say and it goes. "All i been through i deserve this i deserve that" all we go through in life is all part of the molding process what don't break you make you stronger covid 19 got the whole world humbled everybody on a budget everybody facing the same enemy life has a funny way of balancing egos balancing power the whole world focused on health life just showed why health is wealth and money is just a distraction humble pie lets talk more about this humble pie its a priceless food with a lot of nutrients for our mind body and soul when i think about this humble pie on the table i think about what it represents and what it can attract everything that taste good we always want more hunger can be a bad thing you don't want to get full off this humble pie see humble pie represents the balance in your nutritional in take what we in take into our bodies is important that includes energies maximizing your energy to put out the best you into the universe humble pie yes humble pie make sure you have your daily slice