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Dont clog the stream

negative vibes clog the lane your good vibes flow down toward yourself don't clog the stream you can sit around people for hours and never create any positive conversation about growth there's no I in growth or development success isn't about our self don't clog the stream be patient with yourself and everything you want to accomplish don't clog the stream don't over saturate yourself with things it takes a team to do putting unnecessary headaches that takes attention away from using the energy to maximize yourself don't clog your stream life is something we all trying to figure out using our daily experiences to manifest something bigger better and more fluent as my pen continues to stream I remember when it was clogged my stream that is I had to recognize the positive energy I had to recognize the good in every storm I had to use every cold storm in my life to better myself life is about evolving in that you will keep your stream of good vibes open and growing remain who you are because in being yourself you will come across the ones you need to be everything you supposed to be remain true to who you are not what others want you to be in that your streams will continue to flow dont clog your stream