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time money and family 2

The hardest decisions we make always include time money and family as hard as we work to take care and provide for our families its seems as tho we never really have enough time to create memories with our family time money and family we spend so much time away from our families just to be able to get them things they want time and money is one thing we don't realize takes up so much of our time through this pandemic we hope you got to spend more time with your family getting to know your family making memories with your family so many times we use the time thinking we have more time and end up running out of time its funny if we could buy more time I don't think nobody would complain about using time and not being with family money we do so much and spend so much of our time on money creating generating establishing creating diversifying etc in god we trust yet we trust in this money with it we are happy enjoying life around others without it some of us are very evil and deceitful money separates families in so many ways through loss of time through desperate measures of our own selfish necessities we think spending more time to provide for our families is the way of life we been programmed to believe hard work is a good reason to use up so much time away from our families who is teaching the daughters to be women while the women work all day who is teaching the boys to be men while we work all day time money and family the biggest sacrifices we ever make in life always include these 3 and theres no way around it we want more hours in a day we want more days in a week we want more days in a month we want more days in a year but for what to have more time to work or to provide they say providing is fundamentally the most important thing for a child not spending time time money and family  tough choices tough decisions we seem to always feel as tho we making the right choices for our families now we not here to dictate or defend how any on used there time how they are with there family and how they are about there money time money and family we can't leave our family hungry we can't leave our family feelings less advantaged from financial restrictions we can't work less to be around our families because of all the things we trying to provide time money and family I respect you making sure your children appearance is up so there not picked on by other kids but all the things we do to keep them in a position of secureness and comfort does they really amount to when your child just wants to be with there parents for the day or is it our humbleness and our since of fulfillment providing that keeps us missing 40 60 80 100 hours a week to provide for the ones we barely see does getting all the things they want inline really make up for the time we can't get back teaching our children value teaching our children respect in a world who minds is manipulated and controlled by meaningful phrases that we hold close to our hearts and ambitions and mentality in a time where we seen like no other we still see those who put the money over the time and some who won't put the time in for the money time money and family is the success worth the memories we miss is the success worth missing the memories we only hear stories about they some times the only wy to understand the feeling is to be there so where ever you are just remember time money and family its what we use so much of to get as much as we can for the ones we see the least kids growing up while parents work to provide parents missing sports games school functions and events alll this just to take care of the ones growing up without us right before us feeling ignored not understanding its all for them and thats one hell of statement to understand depending on how you receive it and accept it a prisoner of there work is no different than of a prisoner of a jail a worker does not control there destiny the same way an inmate does not control there destiny both demanded to maintain a certain level of conduct or face in subordination we sacrifice so much time for the ones we love and know so little about time money and family is truly a sacrifice in itself time money and family when you sit back and think about it you begin to think about yourself your dedication your dreams your goals your loyalty to time money and family is truly something we have to do better at as whole using better we only get these days once we will never get this day again time money and family where do you really want me to begin