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tthe redirection of a culture

they say its as easy as putting up a reroute sign and people will follow when we see the idiocy they continue to report as hip hop the negativity the disrespectfulness they continue to associate with hip hop they say crimes in the street is hip hop when they view negative things in the lower class community its always surrounded around hip hop showing others its not about the music if you want to be publicized you have to do sum thing  that is lowering your value as a strong being crime is hip hop in this time and age they tried to classify a genre into levels sections and etc the plot to destroy hip hop and break down the influential messages and replace them with destructive and uneducational content they say we grow off what we feed ourselves and we are a direct result of what we ingest into our bodies  I see the lower class doing whatever they have to do to rise above the ignorance and hardships its like a kid from the ghetto still gone play football regardless of the risk he could die playing football to change his family but I guess it beats dying broke in the streets hustling trying to provide for ya family they say there is no reward without a risk just those willing to make the moves to do it well what moves exactly do you need to make do you feel you need to go the rerouted way to get where you going do you really need to be redirected is the redirected path out ya way did you think about that or you just follow the signs and the traffic some people think the easiest to get somewhere is to follow the next person but if we all got our own identity and vision you sure the re route was for youwithout getting too deep into how this big world of allusions works how bout we focus on the reality of your actual direction and you tell me if the redirection of a culture has took us to where we were going or where they want us headed