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  In life its about having the endurance to with stand the journey sports players race car drivers professional wrestlers doctors nurses life and death itself is about endurance success or fail is about endurance relationships friendships business situations is all about having the endurance mentally can you handle what life gives you can you handle the expectations you put on yourself is endurance to win bigger than your endurance to accept failure in this generation where so many feel entitlement who feels they deserve to give it everything they got who is going to come out long winded from being tired learning how to breathe who is going to get stronger from the weight on there shoulders who is going to let it fall maybe you need to re adjust do you have the endurance to pick it back up and try again its a word that holds significant value in your dreams desires and goals how much have you endured did it make you evolve into something better for your growth or something worse the mind is a powerful tool a powerful instrument that is so easily misdirected do you have the endurance to get back on road do you have the endurance to tell yourself we got this where some see obstacles others see opportunity to show what they made of do you have the endurance to put yourself in a position of bein optimistic in all the positives you want in your life all you endure is your insurance on your endurance through time you will cash in if you have stamina if you have the energy if you have the fire to go the distance the reality is in your actions the progress is in your journey the progression is in your daily movements wanting to be successful should be enough motivation you have to want it you have to have the endurance manifest it into everything you want it to be excellence comes from learning off mistakes which means your were trying and growing trying times make the best self believers endurance is word we use and keep going we are judge by how far we come but we are we reminded of where we started each step in the right direction makes each learning curve worth that much more to grow from can you endure some things to grow some