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Reality and Vision

is your vision your reality if not check yaself before you wreck yaself  on a crash course people have it all planned out what they gone do when they get there close your eyes and vision all the things you want all the places you want to visit all the worries you want to help remove from your family all the wrong decisions you might help prevent think about the lives you might save through your vision when you open your eyes after that you should have a whole new purpose a whole new agenda  with a whole new plan whole new reason to wake up early and go to bed late your vision shapes your reality because of what you bring to life your vision is your reality don't get your goals confused with your vision the world how you see it is your vision that shapes your reality rather you a doctor lawyer judge sports athlete etc your vision is your reality it's the two things we can't lie to ourselves about our vision and our reality this isn't about the types of visions and reality this about the vision you see daily the reality you live daily this ain't about categories or levels this is about recognizing your vision and looking at your reality it's up to you to decide I'm not here to judge I'm here to simply help you recognize it's up to you to decide what goals that shape your vision into reality this is about taking a look soley at yourself not to down play or to congratulate but to recognize you have to recognize something to be able to establish exactly what it is recognize your vision get more in tune with your reality