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evolution is never created by one person history is never made by one person teamwork has been the foundation of creating history since the beginning of time and living in today's society is going to require more team effort and less selfishness to help raise your people my people our people mr scrooge had all the money in the world he had the biggest house in the town never had a visitor never had no one to share his success with some people will sacrifice for it all for himself is the story of richest man in the poorest town Mr scrooge it's such a shame that the richest man in the poorest town left such a legacy not even a written testimony to leave the world in his on words mr scrooge left a lasting effect till this day that doesn't evolve teamwork there are alot of Mr scrooges in today's world in a world where teamwork is leading the evolution and change is more existent today than in any modern time we live in the legacy mr scrooge Bestilled upon the world is one of get all you can and forget the rest imagine having the biggest home in the neighborhood with no friends no family coming to see you Mr scrooge bestilled upon a few who follow him a lonely life with a tarnished legacy which shall risk it all for the benefits of their self in a world filled with enough for everybody let's analyze a couple of today's famous slogans together a1 since day1 no new friends trust no one even your day1 not a1.....not let's examine life today alot of people dont reach out to network or communicate because they dont trust nobody but they comfortable with there day1 even tho they might not be a1 not that makes entirely no sense at all lonely non communitive and around people that dont mean your dreams and aspirations any justice but yet I still yaw sit around together looking for way to get ahead in life teamwork makes the dream work team work makes dreams reality be great in life look at those around you look how hard you working to accomplish your goals are they with you or are they waiting for you while you doing everything to move forward who doing everything to keep you back who doing more to help you get ahead who lending a hand while you in the creative process who giving you knowledge to do research to help you further enhance and show growth teamwork has many roles but it's all for the same goal to achieve run with those who believe in you from the bottom who do the best they can to get everything going forward it's the positive results of the actions that keep everybody wanting to do more teamwork is the foundation just understand who on your team and who just sitting around just incase