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same story in these cities



like young jeezy say been around the world its the same old cain when i look at hip hop in these cities i see the same ole thang crews killing for music position to be able to feed there families they all speaking the same language having the same dreams and goals make it out the environment to provide better for the families when a person from the environment looks at the option of dying chasing fiends or dying chasing there dreams damn if you do damn if you don't soldiers getting rid of soldiers letting the strong divide and conquer themselves the sacrifice to be successful the opportunity to be the one to change the future generations mental chains seem more effective than physical ones what we remember is more important than what we forget artist after artist leaving this earth trying to prove they reality to people listening to others they say a music fiend is the most un loyal its all about the fix but yet instill it seem like artist find out more and more that they trick and the treat too many young brothers losing there life to be an artist you have to be an intellectual you have to be articulate making decisions out of necessity seems to be the pattern trusting in yourself more in your dreams  trusting in yourself more in your ambitions to put yourself in a position blessings in the form of talents brings so much more it takes a lot to take your self esteem to a level where you are motivated to make it happen chasing your passions everything seems but you got to make sure everything is they playing follow the majority but this been the same game since it started revolution evolution nothing stays the same vintage does make a run back paying artist pennies look how they done that  appreciate your independence appreciate your control just look around its the same ole thing in every city and state with those in this music race speaking of race it only seems like one race racing to the death for a check money seems to be the check mate city to city state to state