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new skorge da hoodlum this project is unlike any other of the serious as he takes on different approach to the music on this project this project is heavy on the east coast style of production used today in hiphop we feel as tho this is the best in the series of f.t.l.a.n. (Fu** These Lame A** Ni#$as) projects as he continues to get stronger as an artist if you been tuning in you can hear the growth in his music from a few years ago as he continues to build his catalog and his brand one song at a time changing minds and winning hearts over one song at a time its the blossoming of an artist that is so special to watch becoming something important to the culture is something amazing to see take shape  

01 this is who i am

02. how that working out 

03. luving life

04. 50 hanging out the 9

05. smell like i'm living