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  skorge da hoodlum 

Two  independent projects  both hit the charts on iTunes ftlan1 and alarm clock this is very impressive to be an independent artist it shows he does have is solid fan base respectable somewhat surprising of his reach he has found a way to tap himself into 40 countries with his music on digital platforms and he is determined to expand and tap more into where he is making an impact with his music at already with his lead single in the club on the radio charts produced by Grammy nominated diezel productions he is looking to capitalize and keep building on the growth he is amounting digitally streaming his music is a reflection of his life  his ambition and drive come from the same place live to experience to experience is to inspire others to be more do more in a positive light for theyself  he is a special talent that has been showing his talent showing his hustle and telling his story authenticity is priceless originality is all about being confident in yourself his music is showing just how much he believes in his self