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As the demand rises and more people keep asking just who is skorge da hoodlum what really is up with him he is preparing his project to be released soon entitled hoodlum reign as he continues to build on his restored legacy as he put it on one of his new mixtape songs out on he continues to show and prove that he is not just a mixtape artist that put words together over other peoples production he is here to show that his 2 indecent top charting projects weren't a fluke and that his single being on the top charts for almost 2 years is all he got they keep telling skorge to switch his style up that's not it but he responds is if he switch the world wouldn't be getting this hoodlum music the way he bringing it he is expecting hoodlum reign to do even bigger than the 1st 2 projects are doing they say a lot of artist don't make it to 3 projects skorge says he got  projects on the way approved for distribution and he is still in the lab recording producing directing getting his visuals together putting this all the way together like its supposed to be making sure it look how it supposed to look making sure its the best representation all the way around really focused on making sure he does more than leave a piss stain mark in this music game


 coming soon the newest lp of skorge da hoodlum HOODLUM REIGN coming 2021