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we asked skorge da hoodlum

to describe his music in one word and the word he gave us was "south side" hard work dedication sacrifice and self motivation and self inspiration. skorge says its not about being next to the people who got it its about creating your identity becoming your own person and always being confident as an artist to tell your own story growing up on the south side of Wilkinsburg taught him don't be scared to take nothing and make something but be humble and count your blessings and keep going hard for yours Spotify trending iTunes charting radio charting independent and global with his l.p ftlan reaching success on the charts landing in at number 4 digitally with his l.p alarm clock gaining success his official single stepped off in the club gaining steam reaching the radio charts peaked in at num 74 on the independent charts and 184 on the global 200 as he is gearing us up for new releases and videos in 2020 we are expecting him to continue his journey of success with numerous projects on the way and new distribution situation with music hype beast/ empire we are anticipating his new music really interested in seeing skorge da hoodlum develop into a super star embracing the journey and growing along the way asserting his self in this industry growing his brand  thankful for those who did there best along the way the effort and dedication is priceless with six projects turned in ready to go shooting numerous videos and dvds mini series mini movies 2020 post covid 19 skorge da hoodlum is looking forward to continuing the progress he says he presenting the best him for those he represent and for those representing him his path to success has been one of those less traveled his determination to make it happen is what all the great ones have skorge says he is going to let the work speak but he is motivated to continue elevating his career and movement coming from nothing to making something take self inspiration self motivation self belief self determination to make every loss a learning experience that shapes you into one great business man or woman in 2021 with an upgraded studio  sound  he set out to build a  next level catalog worth listening to project after project just focused on the music taking a step away from the internet and just getting back to the studio to really show he belong and is dedicated to his craft you only get what you put into the hustle here in 2022 he continues to do the same thing keep building keep establishing his self on another level of success with this music taking a more serious and business approach proved to show his business model and development shows up on the professional side as well few videos on Vevo more on the way he is just focused on the business and we going to continue to keep the progress being documented quality music quality videos 2022 he showing a different side of his determination and commitment   

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 In 2021 skorge da hoodlum has upgraded his studio str8 drop studios to 4k quality recordings a lot on the way from trax 4 years entertainment 


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