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str8 drop diamonds

we founded str8 drop diamonds a little bit after str8 drop clothing in Amarillo texas we have been vigorously working on creating our own lane in the jewelry business building powerful connections and gearing up to bring you the best jewelry in the world no matter your budget we do our best to get you the best your money can buy we pride ourselves on authentic pieces and genuine materials our products are exactly how we describe nobody can compete with our prices we are in business with one of the biggest jewelry makers in the world and we take pride in being able to say that and say that we came in the jewelry business offering the finest pieces in the world at the best prices in the world don't be fooled by a lot of jewelry companies and in no way are we here to defame in character of any other company we are just simply stating the facts of what we know we have giving back thousands of dollars to customers our return of your money if we can not satisfy our customers un like any others we want our track record is very respectable we don't not have every piece of jewelery on our site or ecrater store we offer all lines of jewelry we do all custom work theres nothing we cannot get done for you when it comes to jewelry our vision is customer satisfaction we cant lose if our customers win everytime and that is our motto we want you to enjoy every purchase and cherish the special moments they will represent in your life