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1. 1st we want to say welcome and we appreciate you sitting down doing this interview for those who don't know you please give them a quick run down of who you are.

I’m the new face of New Orleans, a breath air for a lot of people, but most importantly im the son of the Late Great Soulja Slim who goes by Lil Soulja Slim. long have you been doing music?

This would be my second serious year.

3. We see you have a few projects out already what can we expect from lil slim in the near future.

Soulja Slim Reincarnated is next for me, a lot of people might expect some of my fathers music recited by my but I can only recite what I live.

4.alot fans miss that gutter/street Louisiana sound that only comes from the struggle wats your fav song you got out that relates to the people in the ghetto trying to make it out.

On my last mixtape No Days Off I have a song I made specifically for people in poverty called Ghetto

5.being lil soulja slim do you feel those are big shoes to fill in this industry or do you feel you are the right person to fill that void.

I don’t feel like I have any shoes to fill, im paving my own lane in this industry for myself so therefore I make music in honor of my fathers name.

6.we understand you are in college and we commend you for taking the time to further your knowledge wats it like being on campus do they treat you like a superstar are the student star struck when they see you or do they treat you as if your a normal student.

I always been the coolest/realist nigga you could ever meet so of course everybody show me love.

7.back to the music side of things wat do you want to accomplish within this industry.

Honestly I Just rather be heard and live a life were no one around me is struggling, all of the rest of it they can keep it.

8. Is it hard trying to establish your own identity do you get the backlash say lil romeo might get being as tho his dad was so successful.

Yes its exactly that way but im quick to tell you im moving in my own direction im not following behind anyone else

9. name somebody in the industry you would like to work with today and why.

The first person came to mind after reading this question was Boosie, I put on for Louisiana and growing up he was my favorite rapper. I met him once at the show the world video and he told me we was going to work in the future so im awaiting that day.

10.being as the you represent new Louisiana who are some up n coming artist from the boot you are working with.

Well you know me and my brother TeeWhy (SonOfAGangsta) JLR who is BG son we in this together but im networking with Racked Up Ready SwimTeam, Roota Small Circle Kartel, YB Forever Young,

11.we understand you are a busy person and we thank you for your time and we must do this again soon do you have any last words and shoutouts and where can the reader’s checkout your music.

Be sure to support @GI_peachez on IG and download Sweet 16s from and you can search Lil Soulja Slim anywhere to hear my music and follow me on IG @LilSouljaSlim and @LilSouljaSlim_ on Twitter