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1 for those who don't know you give them a run quick run down

Sup im Mugzy hip-hop artist from Sydney Australia
2 how long have you been doing music

11 years
3 what got your interest into hip hop

Well all i can say is that hip-hop saved my life & thats what got my interest
I was 14/15 so around 2005 suffering from depression from bein punked/bullied which caused me to have "Suicial Thoughts" BUT when i found artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac etc etc and started listening to their music it kinda gave me a voice to fight back like an image of "I dont give a F**k anymore" and thats what i love about hip-hop you can express anyway you want through it
Cut a long story short its changed my life in so many ways, the way i talk, the way i dress, views on life/the world just all around everything
PLUS ive done so many things & met so many great people
Released two albums, received radio play/magazine features/interviews around the world
Crew member with Hip Hop TV Australia, Youth Mentor with MMAD "Musicians Making A Difference
JUST SO MUCH MORE "Check out my page to see what ive done "
i dont wanna bore ya haha
So yea i love hip-hop its who i am today ive done my homework on it & still do to this day (HIP HOP 4 LIFE)
4 we see you have been laying the ground work from aus to the u.s how is the hip hop scene in aus vs the u.s

We have alot of love for the hip-hop culture over here in Australia but in saying that there is not enough networking & coming together to create avenues for us to live off our music
like everyone is in their own lil groups & dont want to expand with new comers or new ideas
So in sayin that thats why i get more love in USA then my own country because with USA everyone wants to connect like "Yo Mugzy get on our radio station or get on our mixtape etc etc" & that builds connects & avenues
Its just ashame im not living there because i could be doing so much more :(
I just think if Australia loves hip-hop so much & us as artists want to make a living off it then lets come together like you guys are doing over there in the U.S

5 what do you want to accomplish what do you want your music legacy to be

My accomplishment is to be signed to any label & make a living off my music not suffer in a 9-5 job
My Legacy is that i put my heart & soul & everything i have into hip-hop (i cant live without it)
That i was hungry for this dream to hopefully come true, Im sick of these new age artists getting deals when they dont put in the hard yards >:(
That i give every single inspiring music head a chance to connect with i dont care what genre their from even if their music aint up to speed i will still connect with them
I dont understand some music cats how they can just push another inspiring dreamer away just because their music aint up to speed to me that doesnt help anyone but crush that other persons dream/vision/strive to make it
6 what's next for mugzy in the industry

I have to get intouch with my producer "Pablo Gutierrez" again to hopefully work on a 3rd album
for this one i want to do a 2 disk plus get some BIG collabs on it Im talking with BIG artists on Facebook/Twitter such as Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang), Shade Sheist (Universal), Slo Down (St Lunatics), Bless (Def Jam Fight for NY) & hopefully Redman too
Lets hope most of them get on it
Other then my 3rd album im still promoting the Sh** out of my second one "Understand Me" tryin to get it on anything possible PLUS trying to get intouch with HIGH UP heads in the industry hopefully
So yeah working much harder in 2015
7 if you wasn't doing music what would you be doing

I have no idea?
Im the type of person which is if you get me hooked on something i become obssesed & work to the full potential of making it happen
so thats what im doing with my music
8 what keeps you motivated in this music industry

Stress motivates me i know it sounds weird but it do
For instance if you keep thinking positive saying to yourself "im gonna make it im gonna make it' then the time never comes well your gonna be f***ed because you wernt thinking of the downfall your mind was too focused in the positive
But if you think in a way negative & think ok im gonna work super hard for this but if it doesnt work out atleast i knew it was coming yeah you will be stressed the f**k out but you will be more in for it then thinking positive
Probably sounds bad but aye thats my motivation & how i look at it

9 we asked all artist what advice do you have for an inspiring artist wanting to take the leap into music

You have to love it...NOT like it...LOVE IT
Put EVERYTHING you got into it
Dont treat it as a faise just because you think hip-hop is cool
Dont slack because time is your a$$ off for it
Build as much experience, connects, fans etc etc possible as you can
10. We understand you are busy and we appreciate you stopping by we must do this again in the future do you have any last words for the readers

Id like to give a MAD Shout Out/Thankz to all my fanz who give me the thumbs up on facebook and who support what im doing

they can see im working hard for this, SO much luv to every single one of you guys

And BIG BIG Shout Out/Thankz to you guys at "Str8 Drop Enterprise" for willin to give me this interview right up
as it will go towards my music achievements of 2015 so much luv