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king sav



1.we would like to thank you for taking time to sit down with us and do this interview for those who don't know who you are please give them a brief run down

I started out as u evolve and grow things change. I ended up upgrading and rockin wit King Sav...cuz little do most of us know we all came from Kings at some point! I'm here to show cats it's cool to be intelligent, well read, well spoken and to believe the king is within you.
2.out of all the artist you have had the pleasure of producing/working with who do you like working with most


 Pimp C was my favorite artist/producer of all time so being that I worked with him on a few occasions was dope! Imagine hearing your favorite rapper on your tracks.

3. Solo mafia could you give us a brief description of what its all about and where do you want to take your brand

 It's about basically about self empowerment, self preservation, self improvement. We live by 8 golden rules/ started out as something for me and my homies and turned into a phenomenon when I started printing the clothes.

4. What next for you in your life as far as music you have already accomplished so much and working with some of the best what keeps you motivated and working on constantly bettering your craft
             I wanna surpass all my favorites. I'm motivated by wanting to touch the world. I haven't done that just yet but I know God uses me as a vessel. In due time Imma get there!


5. Being from where you from what something that you take with you everyday out here in this business dealing with the industry
  Sellin dope for years actually made me a better legitimate business man all around the board. To survive in the streets it takes cunningness, being sharp, intelligent, business savvy and toughness. And u gotta stay prayed up! Same for da industry. It's so many snakes and bogus one sided contacts....u just gotta be mindful that everyone ain't Tryna help u...some just out for themselves.


6.what artist would you like to work with that you haven't worked with yet

                              Nas, Krit, maybe Ross....Curren$y


7. How do you feel about the industry now from when you 1st decided to get into the industry
 It went from bad to worse. It's overpopulated with cats just Tryna hit a quick lick and fuck some hoes instead of people who really love the game, who love the music...who actually take the craft seriously and have an undying passion for it.


                   8. What's an artist that hasnt had your production that you would like to make some moves with 

                                              I could really make curren$y and LE$ jam even harder. I like they shit! 


9. We ask every artist this because we know there are readers motivated by your music to take the plunge into the music and entertainment business what advice do you have for the readers inspired by you to tell there story rather through there own production or lyrics

                                 Make sure u learn the game! Publishing publishing fuckin publishing! U can get paid for a lifetime off one song if your paper work right!


10. We think the worse part of doing an interview is we always have more questions to ask than what we get to ask but that always leads to another interview in the future do you have any last words and how could the readers get in touch with you

                             IG: mobbgod Twitter: mobbgod hit me on the Internet. I respond to 99.99% of all those who contact me! Get my new shit! It's dope music! Mobb Life Boss Playa