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welcome to artist spotlite we appreciate you taking time to sit down with us for those who don't know who you are please give them a quick run down of who you are

Hello My Name Is Michael J Dean I'm A BMI Songwriter Member I'm A Producer Songwriter Composer Director Arranger Of Soundtrack Music Beats And Video Films I've Released Three Albums Three Singles And Ringtones My First Two Albums Were Michael Deans Producer's Original Music, Groove Matrix Funk, And My Lastest Album Release Is Guitarist Blazing Jams

2.what keeps you going in the music industry after all these years
  What Keeps Me Going It's My Passion For The Love Of Creating Music.
3.  a producer and writer describe your music style and what exactly is your message that you trying to get across
 As A Producer Songwriter I Don't Have A Style When I Begin Composing I Create From What I'm Feeling At The Moment My Message Is Positive exsistence, embetterment Roles Providing Inspiration To Those Who Are Feeling Some Kind Of Way About Life Hopefully To Keep Them Positive Changing There Mode To Have Fun Party And Saying Everything Is Going To Be Alright
4.from a generation where originality was important and your music was your way of letting the world know who you are we ask you from an artist stand who exactly are you
I Was Inspired By The The Ole Skool That I Love But As A Producer Songwriter I Knew Music Had To Be Created For This Day And Time For The Next Generation I Keep My Music Original So I Can Establish My Indenity I'm Family Friendly That Can Flow With All Genre's Ages And Culture's are seen alot on the east side of pittsburgh what inspires you in life that you carry over to music
What Inspires My Music About The East Side Is The Cool Friend's I've Gained Over The Year's That Grinding Just Like Me To Have Something Better In Life For Themselves And How We Keep It Peaceful Amongst One Another Not Hating And Keeping One Another Focused On What's Good For Us All
6. you can see we not like them other website and interviewers we not gone ask you the same questions we gone come wit it. We understand you have your own production company and we were told you are working on your own printing company could you touch on those a little bit for us
Life A Struggle For Us All My Mother Always Told Me To Have More Then One Thing Going For You Because If One Slows Up You Can Keep Yourself Busy With Something Else Put More Then One Thing On Your Plate Multi Tasks And One Of Them Is Bound To Work For You If Not All
7. Being and independent businessman takes alot of self motivation and inspiration where do you draw your fire to keep evolving and blossoming as a business man
Again Like I Said Before It's The Love And Passion For The Producing And Writing Of The Music Creating That Energizes My Fire
8.some artist want the fame some artist working on the legacy some artist want everything working for nothing what seperates you and your team from the rest
I Don't Consider Myself Better Then Anyone Else Rich Or Poor I'm The Same OG I've Invested Year's Of Blood Swet Tears And Hard Work Into What I Do Even When No One Supported Me On Anything I Didn't Hate Anyone On My Journey I Just Positively Kept Pressing On Peacefully
9.we ask every person this because somewhere there is a person reading this inspiring to be everything you working hard to be late nights esrly morning sacrifice and dedication what is a peace of jewel you can give the young readers inspiring to be in the entertainment business
Always Believe In Yourself Even When Others Don't Be Determined Consistent And Most Of All Never Give Up On Your Passion Crafts And Dreams
10 we must say this has been a blessing and we can go on and on with the questions but that just sets us up for pt2 last but not least let the readers know where they can keep in touch and where can they listen to you and your teams music

My Worldwide Music Catalog Library Website BlazeProductionsEntertainmentMusicFilmPublishingGroup.Com And My New Podcast Fm Radio Station Anchor.Fm/Michael-J-Dean  My First Two Albums Were Michael Deans Producer's Original Music, Groove Matrix Funk, And My Lastest Album Release Is Guitarist Blazing Jams, My Singles Are Mr DJs Funk, Funk Rock Rave, On Point, With Ringtones Available In All Online Digital Stores Amazon.Com AmazonPrime.Com GoogleMusic.Com GooglePlay.Com  AppleMusic.Com NapsterMusic.Com SimfyAfrica.Com Songtradr.Com NapsterMusic.Com Tunecore.Com YouTube.Com Streaming At IheartRadio.Com Spotify.Com PandoraRadio.Com  I'm Songtradr.Com/MichaelDean.1 Pro Member Where Television Movie Jingles Score Film Music Video Game Music Is Licensed, Beaterstars/MikeyD.1 Beats Producer And I Have My Own Music Soundtracks Catalog Library BlazeProductionsEntertainmentMusicFilmPublishingGroup.Com Available For Download Worldwide Thank You Very Much For Your Viewer's Listeners Support Interview