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1. We appreciate you taking time to sit down with us we understand you are very busy for our reader who dont know who you are could you just give them a brief run down

I'ma hip-hop artist from the eastside of pittsburgh PA. 


2. Coming from Pittsburgh what's life like in the steel city

Not to  different from anywhere else you know you got racism,  Gun violence in the hoods, drugs, gangs  , alot of talent and not enough opportunity to go around 

3.what song made you want to start doing music

 Biggie smalls-  one more chance(remix)

Jay-z - hard knock life

4. This music industry is like going to the nba nfl mlb nhl what keeps you elevating and continuing to grow

I have to thank my team for that when you're surrounded by brilliant artists they keep you on your toes you're forced to grow or you kinda  get left in the dust that an my personal dedication to   the craft

5. How did you get your artist name

I started out as "Alumni" my homie Bilal started calling me "Lum" for short  an that nickname stuck with everyone  which was funny cause I hated it at the time  "Pharaoh" came later  when I was reading alot about african history not sure when but my brain just started putting the two together an Pharaoh Lum always sounded right to me

6.what do you want to accomplish in this music industry

Honestly I love this music shit  I wanna learn a much as possible stay in the booth provide opportunities for my people of course I'd like to change my families life style buy a house etc but mainly I love to rap id do this if I had to pay 

7. elevations comes from challenges in life what's a time in your life that challenged you to step it up

having my own business was definitely a time in my life that force me to step it up I was working the full-time job and I had five partners so I couldn't let any of them down we all came in that situation  together it was definitely a lot of pressure and it made me step up I learned things that year that I still carry with me

8.what can the industry expect from you what are you bringing to the industry

Authenticity.  Straight bars  an no bullshit

9.we ask everyone this last question to the readers thinking bout getting into the entertainment industry what is one piece of advice you can give the readers determine that if lum can make it happen I can to

Do your research

It sounds simple but I could of save alot time an been alot further along  years ago with a simple google or a phone call never be to prideful to ask a question closed mouths don't get fed

10. Where can our readers contact you and where can they view your music and do you have any last words

Im usually on IG an twitter @pharaoh_lum

An I'm on all platforms so just go to your favorite an search "Pharaoh Lum"