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1. thank you for taking time out your busy schedule to connect with us we appreciate it very much for those who don't know who you are please give the readers a brief introduction 

 Hello  and thank you very much for having me as a part of your show. My name is bubbytaylor and I go by the name of the interview with Bubby Taylor Im originally from the Bronx New York and Atlanta Georgia. I've been in the music entertainment for over hey for most my life going up into it/married into it and now I'm doing my own thing
2.what made you want to be in media in the entertainment business
growing up my aunts were all into music. My aunt Sylvia taught me the keyboards and my aunt Netta sang at the Apollo Theater in NYC. and my exhusband was a musician . 
3. What influenced your decision to do pr work
I started as a A&R for a friend  who was a promoter who also had a magazine, 
Top Pick Magazine and he gave me a column to write about the Independent Artists and the dancers that were being featured at the events that he was promoting and from there I became the interview with Bubby Taylor.
4.whats the best person you interviewed this far
 I enjoyed each and every one of my interviews everybody brings something different and exciting to the table I enjoy talking with Canton Jones, Skorgedahoodlum also my latest interview with l-32 AKA TRE DEUCE all informative and giving information and advice thru out the intervew
5.what keeps you elevating your public relations 
what keeps me elevating is that everybody has a story to tell a big one, a small one a little one every story is important , and I like to know how everybody is reaching their goals and getting to the top and by finding that path it also puts me closer to the top as well
6. Could you just briefly explain how important it is in business to create pr relationships 
 yes, it's very important to connect and create relationships with people in the industry, everybody knows somebody who knows somebody else and with the right connection we can get  where we need to be also it helps creates platforms where Independent Artists, music musicians, dances, business owners can get together and expand further with each other. One hand washes the other and two washes the face and the back 
7.who is one artist you would like to interview with that you havent already
Of course I would love to interview everybody oh, but I would like to interview Bribiase. I've been following her on IG and I think she is a really hot artist and I wouldn't mind helping to her. And of course Drake and Future I would love to talk to them about this sound and music and what else they have going on.
8.for all the young readers wanting to be the next mrs bubby taylor what's one advice you can give them
  the advice that I would give is to make sure that you read up on the people or business owner that you want to interview and make sure that you know something about them. Second make sure that this is something that you really want to do, not just for a passion, business. Passion and business is two different things always remember that
9. How can the readers reach out to you to connect with you 
you can always find my stories and shows and events on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, theinterviewwithbubbytaylor you can also Google my name bubbytaylor in the search bar. And definitely through my email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
10. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us we have plenty more questions but that only sets up another interview do you have any last words for the readers
Yes I would like to thank you for having me as a part of your show, the interviewer being interviewed was a whole lot of fun. I enjoyed myself a lot and I'm looking forward to doing more work with you and another interview. Also I would like to tell everybody that's out there watching me thank you so much for all your support it means a whole lot to me and I appreciate it. And the last thing is that everybody has a story to tell, everybody has a dream that they want to fulfill in life and I want you to know that I want to hear all about it.  so if you got that story hit me up let's talk and remember schedule your interview with the interview with Bubby Taylor. thank you