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 Mr Able G.M.E C.E.O




1. Thank you for taking the time out to sit down with us out of your busy day for those readers just tapping in give let them know who you are

   I'm Andre Scott aka Mr. Able, CEO and artist of Grown Men. Entertainment. I also own and operate a counseling company called Able Vision Counseling and Consulting Services.  
2. Growing up in wilkinsburg what was life like for you
  Growing up in Wilkinsburg was an adventure. Playing sports, engaging in academics, and making a name for myself were the focal points. I had to earn my stripes being that I moved from the Hill District to Wilkinsburg to start middle school. My mother raised me by herself causing me  to learn a lot of things through experience. My friends allowed me to be myself and we built family-like bonds.  do you feel about your community
   I feel like Wilkinsburg is a great neighborhood, based on the character of people that live here. I feel like we need more investment and resident involvement in the development process so we can bring the pride back to Wilkinsburg that it previously possessed.   
4. your a very busy person doing alot of good deeds in the community it's very rare an artist music is actually how they live what made you decide to give the reality in your music versus just trying to entertain and make what ever is in rotation
  I started making music because it was hard for me to listen to music at a time..i was not rocking with industry music for about a year or two. My approach to life is always straightforward and honest so I maintain that energy in my music. I cannot teach/speak from something I did not witness or experience therefore my music reflects my vibe and perspectives on life. I see music as art; if everyone painted the same picture there would be no need for multiple participants...I  like to remain unique and study the craft. People fail to realize that you can entertain and give a message if you are an artist and not just a rapper.   
5.  There hasn't been a basketball summer league in the community in decades what made you all start the stop the violence basketball league and congratulations on the 1st year being very successful
  I love to play basketball and have learned the benefits of the game, both physically and mentally. We conducted this particular activity to promote non violent interactions amongst the youth due to recent spikes in killings by both police and other community members. Also, youth activities have been restricted due to the pandemic. This was a much needed outlet for them.  We were able to incorporate teams from the entire Allegheny County. Various community organizations contributed to the process as well, which highlighted our ability to work as a united front. Wilkinsburg gets  negative publicity too often..we wanted to shine the light on the hood for once.   
6. Your work your determination your inspiration your dedication it spills over into your life work putting yourself on the forefront of change in your community and helping show the younger generation more opportunity what fuels your fire to be so dedicated to community growth
  My mother was key in my character and moral development. She engaged in foster care and other community based activities while caring for me and my uncle. I have played sports since a child and have realized that adults lose their sense of enjoyment as they assume new I attempt to reconnect people to these feelings and experiences. I then transfer these sentiments to the wider community with the mindset that we all should be living well and utilizing the spaces we live in. I love to help people. I' ve learned that the opportunities I have been afforded can directly impact someone's life. I also have children which makes me want to ensure their futures by establishing healthy community dynamics.   
7. Alot of artist speak about change very few actually do be about what they talk about in there music what keeps you making grown people music and not trying to fall into the trap of follow the leader
  I have a brand to represent. Our slogan is..."G.M.E. It's  A Lifestyle". my family is connected to professional career is connected to it. I work to always keep my word and I agreed to make quality music. I'm comfortable with my lane and style of adds to the flavors. I can create something for the young ones or the old heads...some rappers can't do that.   
8. In city tours out of city shows growth from project to project creating your own companies mentoring youth counseling adults explain to the young readers how important it is to stay active in your community and with your people
  It is vitally important to stay active in your community and with your people because that is "home." My mentees become my fans. The audiences shift and people remember each other. The community reminds me of Why i do what I do. I get so much advice, support, and love from Wilkinsburg because I stay involved in something...supporting, educating, directing acting. I attempt to blend my professional spaces in order to expand networks. My people know it's not for show or brownie points when I'm doing something and it motivates them to start something or get involved...I love it.   
9.we ask every last person this to the young readers that reading this and wanting to follow in your foot steps what's one advice you can give them
  Always be yourself!!! Learn to adapt to different circumstances but remain true to who you are. Operate with the highest level of self respect and let the world adjust to your thoughts and ideas. Love and Live on purpose!!!  
10. We understand you are very busy and we appreciate you taking time out to sit down with us we have many more questions but that only leads to a part 2 do you have any last words for the listeners and where can they follow you at and here some of your music 


  The Shutout Tour is still rolling with dates booked and to be booked so contact us for performance opportunities. Check out our music on all streaming platforms and at ; instagram @gmeboss