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Trap House Yicc 

1.we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to politic with us
for those of our readers just tapping in with you could you give them a
brief run down of who you are
I’m Traphouse Yicc From Pittsburgh PA streets of homewood Eastside area
2. Growing up in homewood what was that like for you ?
Growing up in homewood was ruff but i was of the smart ones who seen it all , been thru it all ,
and done it all so i removed myself to stay out the streets to push my music career but i still hustle !!
3.looking at your videos and listening to your music you represent your
neighborhood with alot of pride how important is it to you to let your community
know you represent them to the fullest
I love my city and community to the fullest i feel if we stick together we can make a change but
every since i lost my manager i had to realize the community and city don’t love you like you love them .
4.project after project growth after growth you keep elevating your craft how
important is it for you to keep growing as an artist and not get stagnant and comfortable 
I feel i can’t never be comfortable because I’m not where i wanna be , so i was taught by my manager
and grandmother to keep perfecting my craft no matter what . 
5. Alot of artist lose sight of the goals and the reason they started
making music what keeps you focused and determined to become a success
My family , my kids and more my manger Sean Nitty , there’s goals I’m gonna reach and
goals I’m tryin accomplish for my love ones and myself it’s more than just money this music my life . 
6. What does trap mean to you?
What i mean by that I’m tryna reach all the people let them no my story , what i really been thru . 
7. Homewood has alot of history a real story you represent alot of people that come from
that neighborhood what artist inspired you from the city to say you know what I'm a take
it further ?
8. we salute your determination we salute your inspiration motivation dedication to your
craft it takes alot to remain focused and give your success all your energy what's keeps you focused
My kids keeps me focus my 5 Bebe kids Jayden , Montai , Sarenity , Syncere , Mazari
9. To all the young readers who are inspiring to follow in your foot steps and create something
special for there families what is one gem you can drop on them on there journey into the
entertainment business
Focus on your business first then your music !! Don’t ever let nobody tell you that you can’t do it
cuz that means your good at what your doin 
10. We got a million more questions to ask but they only sets up a part 2
interview this was really dope for you to sit down and chop it up with us for a few
minutes do you have any last words and where can the readers keep up with you at 
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