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young cliff


1. Let the readers who might not know who you are know about you?

My name is Young Cliff aka Young Cliff Potna. Im from Dallas, TX byway of Camden, NJ. I started in the mix tape game around 14 years old & elevated into one of Dallas's hottest up & coming artist. 


2. What motivates you to do music?

I think life in general. I get song ideas from everyday situations. I might be in the hood & get inspiration for a new trap record, or I could be at a house party with a hundred white boys I know & get inspired to write a more party type record. It just depends on my current situation & feeling.

3. Where did you get your rhyme style from?

Well growing up in NJ & then moving to TX I came listening to a combination of music from BIGGIE 2 PIMP C. Those two are who I think molded my mind frame as far as attitude within this music business. I feel like my rap style just came naturally, I love lyrics & substance. At the same time I love that TX lingo & chill vibe. That molded my rap style into something alot of people never heard in TX & always allowed me to stand out.

4. What seperates you from the rest of the artist out?

I think the way I hear music & the way I come off as an artist. I feel like if your from the West Coast your first instinct is going to make a west coast record. If your from the south you most likely going to sound just like your surroundings. I feel like im in my own lane when it comes to my surroundings. Alot of people never know where im from until they see me reppin my city lol. I love it, thats how music should be. You cant put greatness in a box.

5. What can fans expect from young cliff?

They can expect to always be able to relate to my music no matter what they go through. Expect to see me climb the ladder to bigger and more major situations soon. Im the artist you can believe in.

6. What do you want to accomplish within the music industry?

Thats always a hard question because there are tons of things you want. Of course you want to be financially stable & successful for your family & love ones, but also my dream is to be a artist of motivation & inspiration to the world. Not just my city, not just my state, but the world. I want people to look at me & know its possible to come up out of any situation or struggle. If Biggie could do it, Pac could do it, Jay could do it, Ross could do it, 50 could do it, Young Cliff can do it!

7. Who would you like to work with?

Jadakiss, he always been my favorite living artist besides Jay Z. Jada just gives you those lyrics you need no matter what. For me it would be like being in the studio with one of the greatest to ever do it.

8. Why should music listeners who never listend to you before check you out?

I give people a breath of fresh air. Especially coming out of Dallas, a lot of people put a stigma on you because what they know is the pop up dance singles. I think I blow people away with my artistry. I promise I will always have a record for YOU.

9. Was it hard finding a balance between east/south music being as tho the regions of music are completely different?

At first when I was a kid in high school it was hard being in Tx & wanting to be the forth member of the Lox lol, but I think I was just finding myself. I had to mold myself into me. I was trying to be all the way east coast & it wasn't working. Then I tried to be all the way southern, & it didn't work. When I just stopped trying & started making music it came out like magic.

10. What advice can you give a young reader checking out this interview who wants to get into the music biz?

Stay consistent, never stop grinding, & work as if a major deal doesn't exist. If you go into the situation working to be the biggest indie artist you can be, then the chances of that deal coming & being great is a lot more possible. But working for a deal will get you nowhere. Just go hard & build your following. Everything will fall into place after that.

11. We thank you for your time with us today its been a pleasure and we must do this again soon do you have any last words for the people?

Just want to say Thank you to all of my fans & future fans. Make sure you go pick up the "OMSS 2" mixtape with DJ KAYOTIK (Black Bottle Boy MMG) via Friday Sept 26th. And make sure you follow me @YoungCliffPotna (Twitter & Instagram). Thank you guys for having me as a Spot Light artist & having the interview. #REVLife