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                                                                                                in str8 drop we trust buckets also available in all sizes while supplies last




Official skorge da hoodlum luxury sneaker click picture for more details








Welcome To the logo page

this is where you will be able to review the logos available to customize  on any products in our store  

this is a special edition rhinestone its a str8 drop world logo that we brand on tshirts jackets hoodies etc each pattern is diff no two patterns are the same which makes each product a special edition no two shirts hoodies etc will have the same color pattern




item: str8 drop rhinestone special edition

 Examples of how it looks on products




jackets and logos 

Logo been pitching str8 drop since day1 you can customize which side you want this on left or right all jackets  hoodies etc get the rhinestone  pattern on the back or front we place the items empty un branded in the store for you to customize if you want it on the right or left of jackets t shirts hoodies some t shirts etc


 We can put place  these in any position you would  like these are available for just about all of our products 

These designs are currently out of stock 



str8 drop or nothing logo available in numerous colors

and styles out of stock unless in the store 


hatz: snapback, dad style, bucket, sailor etc 





 Customized placement 



Str8 drop clothing we started out the trunk in Amarillo Texas with a dollar and a dream and we are working on making every customer happy with there purchase we take customer service to the highest extreme majority of our business comes from customers getting compliments and wanting to know where they got that article of clothing from word of mouth is the biggest promotion and happy customer and best the promotion we take pride in learning and taking time to choose designs that are universal and adapt to different  lifestyles and cultures  with our company  we working diligently to make sure our customer's satisfaction is always high we never want a customer to not be satisfied with a purchase you ever go to buy  an article of clothing and say I wish i could a put that on this side or the front  or the back or add em to sleeves etc well over here with us you can customize all your purchases so we leave the items plIn but label them to give you an idea of how you want to make your article of clothing unique with your own touch