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One day



One day you will realize real lies right before your eyes one day you will have a sit down with yourself one day they say we all wake up we wake up to keep pushing for more or we accept where we are but one day we will all make this choice one day the paths we take will still end up to that place where we have to reflect on our decisions one day are you going to be proud of yourself or are you going to be angry with yourself they say self anger is the worse nothing beats self disappointment but self motivation and inspiration one day its going to come down to self motivation and self inspiration do you have enough faith in yourself to make it change if you don't like it or if you do feel you in the right position are you hungry enough to strive for more a lot of people are comfortable with accomplishing what's already done it takes a special person to have that fire inside to reach for those places that were unimaginable for those thoughts that were unthinkable for better or for worse is a marriage we all have made with each other they say you have to be faithful to yourself before you can be faithful to anything or anybody self confidence let's discuss that how comfortable are you with yourself how in love are you with yourself how much really in tune are you with yourself how much about yourself do you actually know they say in life we spend more time learning how others success operates we never spend any time to realize and fine tune how our own success works inspire to be inspired self confidence how self confident are you in your ability in your blessings in what's been instilled in you to be great self focus take time to recognize your greatness take time to recognize the greatness around you you are what you surround yourself by they say inspiration is what we look at on a daily basis at the same time what we want in our minds you gotta feed your mind and your vision positive food your what you ingest so make sure you ingest more good things into your self confidence we have to feed and nourish our self confidence we are so quick to second guess our blessings second guessing ourselves I'm still trying to find out and exact time of when this his been placed in our DNA to feel we are not good enough we are not strong enough we are too tired or just to fed up when was bowing down put in our DNA some have learn to use it as fuel some have it let it be the water to there fire of motivation and inspiration second guessing our self I put myself in it because I've found myself plenty of times asking myself question myself but what I realized is I was beginning to learn myself and recognize myself self recognition is very important one day is just how we have to take it be inspired to do more and full fill more life is so mystical in its mystery as we uncover and reach new heights in life elevate with the progression be your biggest supporter one day you just might thank yourself for it