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Ready yourself

If you stay ready you don't have to get ready alot of people want the things they don't put in the time for you have to ready yourself for opportunities it's all about being ready when presented the chance to show what you got  everybody say they ready for a million dollars what you doing to ready yourself your dreams your goals your asparations of being great how are you readying yourself how are you preparing  everybody want to just get to the money they think life work like a post it really doesn't you have to prepare yourself for greatness you have to practice greatness you have to polish your evolution evolve into the things you want in your life ready yourself for your blessings it's like a wide receiver he practices all week  he readies himself all week to catch passes you have to practice to be great you have to put in the time the worst thing is for you to be called on and not be ready you gotta ready yourself life doesn't wait it's not about getting things because you want em you get em when you ready to handle them and use them the reason some people had and don't have it now is this simple thing called practice you gotta be ready to handle certain things that come with what you trying to accomplish success is a sacrifice long nights early mornings no days off success don't sleep you gotta ready yourself train yourself excercise yourself for the endurance mental and physical success is a calculation of alot of things in sync it all aligns perfectly as close to perfection as we can't get in life you gotta ready yourself for all your blessings you don't want to drop a wide open blessing so ready yourself