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They paved the way

I was reminded of the og'z that paved the way making 2 dollars a week picking tobacco etc wasn't no negotiation on prices hard earned pennies for the family a lot of sacrifices was made to have something in those times where they really wasn't coming up off nothing swallowing your pride was the norm life has changed a lot from those days the og'z remind me of when i think about "paving the way" and what that means to me, some people can look at a forest full of trees and imagine there business from the parking lot to the layout to the tiles to the lights to the customer service. some might see a forest and see there new house layout or there theme park or there new stadium some might see a perfect resort hideaway in the woods what ever your vision inspire you to pave, what ever pavement you travel. what ever you see when you look at a forest just make sure its worth you paving the way make sure its worth bringing those with you along to help create history, you might be in love with with cognac, but where would cognac be with out white grape wine. the fruit juice paved the way for so many things to be sought after in our life, a the most basic pavements are roads that lead to other exits we often use in life. paving something solid is more important than everything that comes with it. that solid foundation, it all started with them swallowing there pride to create something worth traveling. paving the way goes unnoticed because being noticed is so important in todays society popularity was paved along time ago as well a lot of roads that was paved we travel, its amazing how many paved road we can travel and pick and choose and be bougie about pay and our worth these are the same roads the og'z swallowed there pride to help build sacrificed there lives to help create and see manifest into reality today these same paved roads we take for granted to those that paved the way it took courage to do that. this new generation taking the courage to excel they feel there pride is to powerful to swallow they want to express it young full of energy just wanting to create and pave more ways you got to sit down with those that did of the paving its an art form to create avenues its a sacrifice its an artform respect those paving the way it takes alot