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Millennial King prod by Maschine Cartel  out now on all digital platforms click photo listen on spotify 


skorge da hoodlum launches his own record label trax 4 years entertainment  starting april 22 he will have a few songs being released the first song on april 22 and april 23 me and my drummer and take the game will release for streaming only via i heart radio tik tok ,spotify, and few other streaming services  april 24th skorge da hoodlum is releasing the song gotta represent world wide and april 25th brings the maschine cartel produced millennial king worldwide this song is full of energy right from the start and skorge does not disappoint  right from the start with his introduction this record brings big energy an energy hoodlum hasn't showed in his original music up until this song dedication determination self inspiration this year just seems different for skorge da hoodlum musically with his own imprint with the blessings of music hype beast radio pushers the past few years skorge da hoodlum is ready to present new music to the world millennial king skorge says this record is about those who feel he is this just and he is going to embrace what you all see in him to feel that way he didn't give his self that title