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we are the official site that designed a real platform to give hardworking on the grind artist a place to speak there mind and promote there work around the world off our early success the trend has lead to so called bigger websites adding this section to there site we are here to say we opened the door to give more unsigned artist on the grind more exposure we will in no way down any website adding this type of section to there site for its all to give more opportunity and exposure to artist really putting in the effort and time and building there craft to the maximum all hail to the drop we are doing more than just opening doors for our self we are opening doors for artist worldwide when you do things for real reasons you get real results welcome to artist spot lite respect to all the artist/entertainers we appreciate every one  giving us the time to sit down and talk a little and give a positive insight into each and every one of you the journey of success is never ending so never give up and continue to become the best you in the industry now lets get into the minds of these artist shall we





 Michael j dean



welcome to artist spotlite we appreciate you taking time to sit down with us for those who don't know who you are please give them a quick run down of who you are

Hello My Name Is Michael J Dean I'm A BMI Songwriter Member I'm A Producer Songwriter Composer Director Arranger Of Soundtrack Music Beats And Video Films I've Released Three Albums Three Singles And Ringtones My First Two Albums Were Michael Deans Producer's Original Music, Groove Matrix Funk, And My Lastest Album Release Is Guitarist Blazing Jams

2.what keeps you going in the music industry after all these years
  What Keeps Me Going It's My Passion For The Love Of Creating Music.
3.  a producer and writer describe your music style and what exactly is your message that you trying to get across
 As A Producer Songwriter I Don't Have A Style When I Begin Composing I Create From What I'm Feeling At The Moment My Message Is Positive exsistence, embetterment Roles Providing Inspiration To Those Who Are Feeling Some Kind Of Way About Life Hopefully To Keep Them Positive Changing There Mode To Have Fun Party And Saying Everything Is Going To Be Alright
4.from a generation where originality was important and your music was your way of letting the world know who you are we ask you from an artist stand who exactly are you
I Was Inspired By The The Ole Skool That I Love But As A Producer Songwriter I Knew Music Had To Be Created For This Day And Time For The Next Generation I Keep My Music Original So I Can Establish My Indenity I'm Family Friendly That Can Flow With All Genre's Ages And Culture's are seen alot on the east side of pittsburgh what inspires you in life that you carry over to music
What Inspires My Music About The East Side Is The Cool Friend's I've Gained Over The Year's That Grinding Just Like Me To Have Something Better In Life For Themselves And How We Keep It Peaceful Amongst One Another Not Hating And Keeping One Another Focused On What's Good For Us All
6. you can see we not like them other website and interviewers we not gone ask you the same questions we gone come wit it. We understand you have your own production company and we were told you are working on your own printing company could you touch on those a little bit for us
Life A Struggle For Us All My Mother Always Told Me To Have More Then One Thing Going For You Because If One Slows Up You Can Keep Yourself Busy With Something Else Put More Then One Thing On Your Plate Multi Tasks And One Of Them Is Bound To Work For You If Not All
7. Being and independent businessman takes alot of self motivation and inspiration where do you draw your fire to keep evolving and blossoming as a business man
Again Like I Said Before It's The Love And Passion For The Producing And Writing Of The Music Creating That Energizes My Fire
8.some artist want the fame some artist working on the legacy some artist want everything working for nothing what seperates you and your team from the rest
I Don't Consider Myself Better Then Anyone Else Rich Or Poor I'm The Same OG I've Invested Year's Of Blood Swet Tears And Hard Work Into What I Do Even When No One Supported Me On Anything I Didn't Hate Anyone On My Journey I Just Positively Kept Pressing On Peacefully
9.we ask every person this because somewhere there is a person reading this inspiring to be everything you working hard to be late nights esrly morning sacrifice and dedication what is a peace of jewel you can give the young readers inspiring to be in the entertainment business
Always Believe In Yourself Even When Others Don't Be Determined Consistent And Most Of All Never Give Up On Your Passion Crafts And Dreams
10 we must say this has been a blessing and we can go on and on with the questions but that just sets us up for pt2 last but not least let the readers know where they can keep in touch and where can they listen to you and your teams music

My Worldwide Music Catalog Library Website BlazeProductionsEntertainmentMusicFilmPublishingGroup.Com And My New Podcast Fm Radio Station Anchor.Fm/Michael-J-Dean  My First Two Albums Were Michael Deans Producer's Original Music, Groove Matrix Funk, And My Lastest Album Release Is Guitarist Blazing Jams, My Singles Are Mr DJs Funk, Funk Rock Rave, On Point, With Ringtones Available In All Online Digital Stores Amazon.Com AmazonPrime.Com GoogleMusic.Com GooglePlay.Com  AppleMusic.Com NapsterMusic.Com SimfyAfrica.Com Songtradr.Com NapsterMusic.Com Tunecore.Com YouTube.Com Streaming At IheartRadio.Com Spotify.Com PandoraRadio.Com  I'm Songtradr.Com/MichaelDean.1 Pro Member Where Television Movie Jingles Score Film Music Video Game Music Is Licensed, Beaterstars/MikeyD.1 Beats Producer And I Have My Own Music Soundtracks Catalog Library BlazeProductionsEntertainmentMusicFilmPublishingGroup.Com Available For Download Worldwide Thank You Very Much For Your Viewer's Listeners Support Interview 



king sav



1.we would like to thank you for taking time to sit down with us and do this interview for those who don't know who you are please give them a brief run down

I started out as u evolve and grow things change. I ended up upgrading and rockin wit King Sav...cuz little do most of us know we all came from Kings at some point! I'm here to show cats it's cool to be intelligent, well read, well spoken and to believe the king is within you.
2.out of all the artist you have had the pleasure of producing/working with who do you like working with most


 Pimp C was my favorite artist/producer of all time so being that I worked with him on a few occasions was dope! Imagine hearing your favorite rapper on your tracks.

3. Solo mafia could you give us a brief description of what its all about and where do you want to take your brand

 It's about basically about self empowerment, self preservation, self improvement. We live by 8 golden rules/ started out as something for me and my homies and turned into a phenomenon when I started printing the clothes.

4. What next for you in your life as far as music you have already accomplished so much and working with some of the best what keeps you motivated and working on constantly bettering your craft
             I wanna surpass all my favorites. I'm motivated by wanting to touch the world. I haven't done that just yet but I know God uses me as a vessel. In due time Imma get there!


5. Being from where you from what something that you take with you everyday out here in this business dealing with the industry
  Sellin dope for years actually made me a better legitimate business man all around the board. To survive in the streets it takes cunningness, being sharp, intelligent, business savvy and toughness. And u gotta stay prayed up! Same for da industry. It's so many snakes and bogus one sided contacts....u just gotta be mindful that everyone ain't Tryna help u...some just out for themselves.


6.what artist would you like to work with that you haven't worked with yet

                              Nas, Krit, maybe Ross....Curren$y


7. How do you feel about the industry now from when you 1st decided to get into the industry
 It went from bad to worse. It's overpopulated with cats just Tryna hit a quick lick and fuck some hoes instead of people who really love the game, who love the music...who actually take the craft seriously and have an undying passion for it.


                   8. What's an artist that hasnt had your production that you would like to make some moves with 

                                              I could really make curren$y and LE$ jam even harder. I like they shit! 


9. We ask every artist this because we know there are readers motivated by your music to take the plunge into the music and entertainment business what advice do you have for the readers inspired by you to tell there story rather through there own production or lyrics

                                 Make sure u learn the game! Publishing publishing fuckin publishing! U can get paid for a lifetime off one song if your paper work right!


10. We think the worse part of doing an interview is we always have more questions to ask than what we get to ask but that always leads to another interview in the future do you have any last words and how could the readers get in touch with you

                             IG: mobbgod Twitter: mobbgod hit me on the Internet. I respond to 99.99% of all those who contact me! Get my new shit! It's dope music! Mobb Life Boss Playa






















1 for those who don't know you give them a run quick run down

Sup im Mugzy hip-hop artist from Sydney Australia
2 how long have you been doing music

11 years
3 what got your interest into hip hop

Well all i can say is that hip-hop saved my life & thats what got my interest
I was 14/15 so around 2005 suffering from depression from bein punked/bullied which caused me to have "Suicial Thoughts" BUT when i found artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac etc etc and started listening to their music it kinda gave me a voice to fight back like an image of "I dont give a F**k anymore" and thats what i love about hip-hop you can express anyway you want through it
Cut a long story short its changed my life in so many ways, the way i talk, the way i dress, views on life/the world just all around everything
PLUS ive done so many things & met so many great people
Released two albums, received radio play/magazine features/interviews around the world
Crew member with Hip Hop TV Australia, Youth Mentor with MMAD "Musicians Making A Difference
JUST SO MUCH MORE "Check out my page to see what ive done "
i dont wanna bore ya haha
So yea i love hip-hop its who i am today ive done my homework on it & still do to this day (HIP HOP 4 LIFE)
4 we see you have been laying the ground work from aus to the u.s how is the hip hop scene in aus vs the u.s

We have alot of love for the hip-hop culture over here in Australia but in saying that there is not enough networking & coming together to create avenues for us to live off our music
like everyone is in their own lil groups & dont want to expand with new comers or new ideas
So in sayin that thats why i get more love in USA then my own country because with USA everyone wants to connect like "Yo Mugzy get on our radio station or get on our mixtape etc etc" & that builds connects & avenues
Its just ashame im not living there because i could be doing so much more :(
I just think if Australia loves hip-hop so much & us as artists want to make a living off it then lets come together like you guys are doing over there in the U.S

5 what do you want to accomplish what do you want your music legacy to be

My accomplishment is to be signed to any label & make a living off my music not suffer in a 9-5 job
My Legacy is that i put my heart & soul & everything i have into hip-hop (i cant live without it)
That i was hungry for this dream to hopefully come true, Im sick of these new age artists getting deals when they dont put in the hard yards >:(
That i give every single inspiring music head a chance to connect with i dont care what genre their from even if their music aint up to speed i will still connect with them
I dont understand some music cats how they can just push another inspiring dreamer away just because their music aint up to speed to me that doesnt help anyone but crush that other persons dream/vision/strive to make it
6 what's next for mugzy in the industry

I have to get intouch with my producer "Pablo Gutierrez" again to hopefully work on a 3rd album
for this one i want to do a 2 disk plus get some BIG collabs on it Im talking with BIG artists on Facebook/Twitter such as Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang), Shade Sheist (Universal), Slo Down (St Lunatics), Bless (Def Jam Fight for NY) & hopefully Redman too
Lets hope most of them get on it
Other then my 3rd album im still promoting the Sh** out of my second one "Understand Me" tryin to get it on anything possible PLUS trying to get intouch with HIGH UP heads in the industry hopefully
So yeah working much harder in 2015
7 if you wasn't doing music what would you be doing

I have no idea?
Im the type of person which is if you get me hooked on something i become obssesed & work to the full potential of making it happen
so thats what im doing with my music
8 what keeps you motivated in this music industry

Stress motivates me i know it sounds weird but it do
For instance if you keep thinking positive saying to yourself "im gonna make it im gonna make it' then the time never comes well your gonna be f***ed because you wernt thinking of the downfall your mind was too focused in the positive
But if you think in a way negative & think ok im gonna work super hard for this but if it doesnt work out atleast i knew it was coming yeah you will be stressed the f**k out but you will be more in for it then thinking positive
Probably sounds bad but aye thats my motivation & how i look at it

9 we asked all artist what advice do you have for an inspiring artist wanting to take the leap into music

You have to love it...NOT like it...LOVE IT
Put EVERYTHING you got into it
Dont treat it as a faise just because you think hip-hop is cool
Dont slack because time is your a$$ off for it
Build as much experience, connects, fans etc etc possible as you can
10. We understand you are busy and we appreciate you stopping by we must do this again in the future do you have any last words for the readers

Id like to give a MAD Shout Out/Thankz to all my fanz who give me the thumbs up on facebook and who support what im doing

they can see im working hard for this, SO much luv to every single one of you guys

And BIG BIG Shout Out/Thankz to you guys at "Str8 Drop Enterprise" for willin to give me this interview right up
as it will go towards my music achievements of 2015 so much luv




















lil soulja slim






1. 1st we want to say welcome and we appreciate you sitting down doing this interview for those who don't know you please give them a quick run down of who you are.

I’m the new face of New Orleans, a breath air for a lot of people, but most importantly im the son of the Late Great Soulja Slim who goes by Lil Soulja Slim. long have you been doing music?

This would be my second serious year.

3. We see you have a few projects out already what can we expect from lil slim in the near future.

Soulja Slim Reincarnated is next for me, a lot of people might expect some of my fathers music recited by my but I can only recite what I live.

4.alot fans miss that gutter/street Louisiana sound that only comes from the struggle wats your fav song you got out that relates to the people in the ghetto trying to make it out.

On my last mixtape No Days Off I have a song I made specifically for people in poverty called Ghetto

5.being lil soulja slim do you feel those are big shoes to fill in this industry or do you feel you are the right person to fill that void.

I don’t feel like I have any shoes to fill, im paving my own lane in this industry for myself so therefore I make music in honor of my fathers name.

6.we understand you are in college and we commend you for taking the time to further your knowledge wats it like being on campus do they treat you like a superstar are the student star struck when they see you or do they treat you as if your a normal student.

I always been the coolest/realist nigga you could ever meet so of course everybody show me love.

7.back to the music side of things wat do you want to accomplish within this industry.

Honestly I Just rather be heard and live a life were no one around me is struggling, all of the rest of it they can keep it.

8. Is it hard trying to establish your own identity do you get the backlash say lil romeo might get being as tho his dad was so successful.

Yes its exactly that way but im quick to tell you im moving in my own direction im not following behind anyone else

9. name somebody in the industry you would like to work with today and why.

The first person came to mind after reading this question was Boosie, I put on for Louisiana and growing up he was my favorite rapper. I met him once at the show the world video and he told me we was going to work in the future so im awaiting that day.

10.being as the you represent new Louisiana who are some up n coming artist from the boot you are working with.

Well you know me and my brother TeeWhy (SonOfAGangsta) JLR who is BG son we in this together but im networking with Racked Up Ready SwimTeam, Roota Small Circle Kartel, YB Forever Young,

11.we understand you are a busy person and we thank you for your time and we must do this again soon do you have any last words and shoutouts and where can the reader’s checkout your music.

Be sure to support @GI_peachez on IG and download Sweet 16s from and you can search Lil Soulja Slim anywhere to hear my music and follow me on IG @LilSouljaSlim and @LilSouljaSlim_ on Twitter

















button pusha



I am an untapped raw  talent that has a goal of inspiring others to follow their dreams. I have been involved in the independent music scene for almost 16yrs. Im an Honest Femcee, yet  am so much more than just a femcee - Im my own producer, videographer, editor, I have thrown showcases, I have produced Tv shows, I record my own music and my grind is constant. I am CEO of JPBTV.COM online Tv network for indie artist., Im a motivational speaker. a personality..and oo I spit a little - lol
LOL at times very difficult if you need to depend on others to accomplish your goals. I do not necessary need to do that because I have taught my self many skills; however the road has been a rough ride because of my independent mind set. 
My goal as always been to create my own lanes and while doing so allow others to learn grown and hopefully benefit from the lanes that I have created. I am my own producer, promoter, engineer, writer, publicist, videographer, editor and more.
The skills that I have learned has allowed me to share in triumphs in the Pittsburgh music scene, from successful show cases  that I have created like the HipHop Buffet series, tv shows  Like the Ripple Effect to now owning and operating JPBTV.COM online Tv network for independent artist.
I cannot say one song made me want to do music - because I have had my hand in music since I began playing the recorder in 6th grade - but I have had 3 different  instances when I my life that have inspired, motivated and validated  my musical existence and me as DaButtonPusha. KRS1 who is my (for lack of a better term) hiphop idol came to Pittsburgh when I was 13yrs old and I didnt really even know what hiphop was at the time, but the way he did what he did made me take notice and want to do something like that (move the crowd) -KRS1 came back to Pittsburgh when I was in my late 20's and Im in the front row - he was rapping on stage - Im standing looking at him as if he was GOD himself - he stopped in the middle of his song and said - "Do Not Look at me in awe - what i can do you can do"  from that point I became extremely active in independent music scene of Pittsburgh - going non-stop learning, building , creating and showcasing - just this year KRS1 came back to Pittsburgh once again and while he was on stage - he stopped in the middle of his song - grabbed a JPBTV card  read it to the crowd and proceeded to freestyle one full min - into my me that was validation for all the work I had been doing.
YOUNG PEOPLE - period - youth - we need to be sure we properly document  our existence in order to show them a path...they need options - at least give them a choice instead of feeding just one way down their throats.
5. WAT IS THE FEMALE RAP SCENE LIKE IN PITTSBURGH AND WAT FEMALE IN PITTSBURGH WOULD YOU LIKE TO COLLAB WITH -wow umm  The femcee scene in Pittsburgh is growing because of pioneers like Donna Baxter from SoulPit (yes she used to rap:)  Nina Ross (R.I.P.) Ladi Homi, Kelle Maize, Angel Eye Mozal Da Lioness, MaVe, Yah Lioness, Renaissance and more... I have already worked with  - on some level: Kelle Maize, HollyHood, Lady Kay, Joy Brown, Kwelin, Young Swiiff, and LaTaDa. I would love to work with in great detail  these artist: En-silence, BlakRapMadusa,Donna Baxter, Vanessa German  HollyHood, PrettyKrissy, Miss Money, KelleMazie (again) LadyHomi, Sasha Meade, Fya and MaVe... And these are just the females lol...seriously...on some real - whomever wishes to work with me Im game !!
6. TO BE IN THIS INDUSTRY A LONG TIME YOU MUST REMAIN HUMBLE AND GAIN KNOWLEDGE WAT KEEPS YOU HUMBLE ON YOUR JOURNEY IN THIS MUSIC INDUSTRY. Humility comes with failure - As much as I have been successful, I have failed at some things.I dont think I was truly humbled until one of "my plans" didnt work  - knowing I will not always win keeps me humble - so my goal is to keep learning, expanding and growing
 Well believe it or not Pittsburgh has been a pioneer in music... from George Benson to Wiz, the problem has been either a musician leaves and doesn't come back to establish our scene or our style gets stole as it was with MelMan and the Dr Dre senior.
  We are the Pitts - many kinds of styles get dumped down on us - we mature slower here so the talent brews and stews and meshes  - by the time we surface we have many different styles that combine to make a new...the artists  who thrive that are from here are the ones who are not afraid of been original
 O WITH A DOUBT -  FEAR The industry is male dominated - I truly think the industry is afraid of a woman being in control could and would do. All of the greats in hiphop has had a strong woman behind them who were willing to be behind the scenes. I think the industry would be scared to death of a woman who doesn't use her body to run things... RUNNING THINGS. They do not want to clean up the business - so they force women to play the game they way they want it played - Image if OPRAH was a hiphoppper - .....wooooweeee
 #GRIND...PERIOD noone has given me anything - and even fewer wanted to teach me much - we are in a town of talker and takers - people talk a huge game and wish to take - very few offer to give - I have not taken anything - but I have always done good, fair business. I do what I say I am going to do with the best skills I have available at the time...and I am always looking to learn, grow and build with real ones.
- yes - Thank you very much for reading - Im not a selfish femcee - so please check out Tha Network for all aspiring artist - and submit your videos - 
if you wish to learn more about me - viisit






young cliff


1. Let the readers who might not know who you are know about you?

My name is Young Cliff aka Young Cliff Potna. Im from Dallas, TX byway of Camden, NJ. I started in the mix tape game around 14 years old & elevated into one of Dallas's hottest up & coming artist. 


2. What motivates you to do music?

I think life in general. I get song ideas from everyday situations. I might be in the hood & get inspiration for a new trap record, or I could be at a house party with a hundred white boys I know & get inspired to write a more party type record. It just depends on my current situation & feeling.

3. Where did you get your rhyme style from?

Well growing up in NJ & then moving to TX I came listening to a combination of music from BIGGIE 2 PIMP C. Those two are who I think molded my mind frame as far as attitude within this music business. I feel like my rap style just came naturally, I love lyrics & substance. At the same time I love that TX lingo & chill vibe. That molded my rap style into something alot of people never heard in TX & always allowed me to stand out.

4. What seperates you from the rest of the artist out?

I think the way I hear music & the way I come off as an artist. I feel like if your from the West Coast your first instinct is going to make a west coast record. If your from the south you most likely going to sound just like your surroundings. I feel like im in my own lane when it comes to my surroundings. Alot of people never know where im from until they see me reppin my city lol. I love it, thats how music should be. You cant put greatness in a box.

5. What can fans expect from young cliff?

They can expect to always be able to relate to my music no matter what they go through. Expect to see me climb the ladder to bigger and more major situations soon. Im the artist you can believe in.

6. What do you want to accomplish within the music industry?

Thats always a hard question because there are tons of things you want. Of course you want to be financially stable & successful for your family & love ones, but also my dream is to be a artist of motivation & inspiration to the world. Not just my city, not just my state, but the world. I want people to look at me & know its possible to come up out of any situation or struggle. If Biggie could do it, Pac could do it, Jay could do it, Ross could do it, 50 could do it, Young Cliff can do it!

7. Who would you like to work with?

Jadakiss, he always been my favorite living artist besides Jay Z. Jada just gives you those lyrics you need no matter what. For me it would be like being in the studio with one of the greatest to ever do it.

8. Why should music listeners who never listend to you before check you out?

I give people a breath of fresh air. Especially coming out of Dallas, a lot of people put a stigma on you because what they know is the pop up dance singles. I think I blow people away with my artistry. I promise I will always have a record for YOU.

9. Was it hard finding a balance between east/south music being as tho the regions of music are completely different?

At first when I was a kid in high school it was hard being in Tx & wanting to be the forth member of the Lox lol, but I think I was just finding myself. I had to mold myself into me. I was trying to be all the way east coast & it wasn't working. Then I tried to be all the way southern, & it didn't work. When I just stopped trying & started making music it came out like magic.

10. What advice can you give a young reader checking out this interview who wants to get into the music biz?

Stay consistent, never stop grinding, & work as if a major deal doesn't exist. If you go into the situation working to be the biggest indie artist you can be, then the chances of that deal coming & being great is a lot more possible. But working for a deal will get you nowhere. Just go hard & build your following. Everything will fall into place after that.

11. We thank you for your time with us today its been a pleasure and we must do this again soon do you have any last words for the people?

Just want to say Thank you to all of my fans & future fans. Make sure you go pick up the "OMSS 2" mixtape with DJ KAYOTIK (Black Bottle Boy MMG) via Friday Sept 26th. And make sure you follow me @YoungCliffPotna (Twitter & Instagram). Thank you guys for having me as a Spot Light artist & having the interview. #REVLife