welcome to str8 drop travel this is thee official page we have a lot in store we are working vigorously and getting our content finalized and brought to the people we are excited to announce we are working on revolutionizing the travel industry one travel at a time started  by a group of former travel agent graduates who decided to take the travel industry into there own hands and create there own brand and market and cater to the fellow travelers around the world the travel industry will never be the same after us we guarantee that we take pride in the highest form of customer service and satisfaction we don't stop until all your travel needs and luxuries and leisure have been taken care of we are really excitied on what we are working on can not wait to announce what we been working on over the past 2yrs to get to this point this journey of travel agency starts back to high school for these founders and they are determined to make there teachers proud there staff better travel agents and the customers always smiling welcome to the new era in travel agency welcome to str8 drop travel