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Ready yourself

If you stay ready you don't have to get ready alot of people want the things they don't put in the time for you have to ready yourself for opportunities it's all about being ready when presented the chance to show what you got  everybody say they ready for a million dollars what you doing to ready yourself your dreams your goals your asparations of being great how are you readying yourself how are you preparing  everybody want to just get to the money they think life work like a post it really doesn't you have to prepare yourself for greatness you have to practice greatness you have to polish your evolution evolve into the things you want in your life ready yourself for your blessings it's like a wide receiver he practices all week  he readies himself all week to catch passes you have to practice to be great you have to put in the time the worst thing is for you to be called on and not be ready you gotta ready yourself life doesn't wait it's not about getting things because you want em you get em when you ready to handle them and use them the reason some people had and don't have it now is this simple thing called practice you gotta be ready to handle certain things that come with what you trying to accomplish success is a sacrifice long nights early mornings no days off success don't sleep you gotta ready yourself train yourself excercise yourself for the endurance mental and physical success is a calculation of alot of things in sync it all aligns perfectly as close to perfection as we can't get in life you gotta ready yourself for all your blessings you don't want to drop a wide open blessing so ready yourself


Reality and Vision

is your vision your reality if not check yaself before you wreck yaself  on a crash course people have it all planned out what they gone do when they get there close your eyes and vision all the things you want all the places you want to visit all the worries you want to help remove from your family all the wrong decisions you might help prevent think about the lives you might save through your vision when you open your eyes after that you should have a whole new purpose a whole new agenda  with a whole new plan whole new reason to wake up early and go to bed late your vision shapes your reality because of what you bring to life your vision is your reality don't get your goals confused with your vision the world how you see it is your vision that shapes your reality rather you a doctor lawyer judge sports athlete etc your vision is your reality it's the two things we can't lie to ourselves about our vision and our reality this isn't about the types of visions and reality this about the vision you see daily the reality you live daily this ain't about categories or levels this is about recognizing your vision and looking at your reality it's up to you to decide I'm not here to judge I'm here to simply help you recognize it's up to you to decide what goals that shape your vision into reality this is about taking a look soley at yourself not to down play or to congratulate but to recognize you have to recognize something to be able to establish exactly what it is recognize your vision get more in tune with your reality 





The evolution of the black man



where do I begin the evolution of the black man so we were kings and princes rulers of beautiful land the evolution of the black man.....fine jewelry fine garments the healthiest of horses the power of being free the freedom of being of alive the evolution of the black man.....the finest wives when women looked at the black man as a since of security pride comfort and stability the evolution of the black man.....at a time when it felt good to be black at a time when being around your people learning the ways from the elders the evolution of the black man....family unity was everything knowing your family was valuable family time was a culture family time was real the evolution of the black man.....we already had our own culture religion and language back when we were the most powerful race of all the evolution of the black man......stronger bigger smarter skin more adaptable to all climates in temperatures some race couldn't survivethe evolution of the black man......the freshest food the cleanest water abundant resources for all the evolution of the black man.....how do you tell a man who is taught to be a king that he is a peasant and worthless the evolution of a black man.....watching there wife be taken watching there daughter be raped watching there son be sold the evolution of the black man.....losing your religion family and beliefs getting beat to remove memories of being a race of respect and power the evolution of the black man...... when I see the black man today I think of the evolution they started on the black man 400 years ago the training has been instilled so long its become genetic the evolution of the black man..... envy negativity weak will has become genetic from the revolution of the black man...we made the finest fabrics now we are the biggest consumers and its okay to consume because its been instilled in the genetics through the evolution of the black man.... genocide kill your black man don't help him help his family steal from your black man don't let him have the opportunity to provide better for his family don't spend money with the black man what he doing trying to open up a business this is all genetics of the evolution of the black man.... the day is coming for the revolution of the genetics of the black man the day is coming for the restructuring of our genetics they day is coming to cleanse our genetics for the revolution is just little teamwork away the evolution of the black man.....its time to rewrite re discover re educate re design our genetics strengthen our genetics...the evolution of the black man....we changed the world before we could read this language skies the limit what we can do with the knowledge and direction the evolution of the black man....




One day



One day you will realize real lies right before your eyes one day you will have a sit down with yourself one day they say we all wake up we wake up to keep pushing for more or we accept where we are but one day we will all make this choice one day the paths we take will still end up to that place where we have to reflect on our decisions one day are you going to be proud of yourself or are you going to be angry with yourself they say self anger is the worse nothing beats self disappointment but self motivation and inspiration one day its going to come down to self motivation and self inspiration do you have enough faith in yourself to make it change if you don't like it or if you do feel you in the right position are you hungry enough to strive for more a lot of people are comfortable with accomplishing what's already done it takes a special person to have that fire inside to reach for those places that were unimaginable for those thoughts that were unthinkable for better or for worse is a marriage we all have made with each other they say you have to be faithful to yourself before you can be faithful to anything or anybody self confidence let's discuss that how comfortable are you with yourself how in love are you with yourself how much really in tune are you with yourself how much about yourself do you actually know they say in life we spend more time learning how others success operates we never spend any time to realize and fine tune how our own success works inspire to be inspired self confidence how self confident are you in your ability in your blessings in what's been instilled in you to be great self focus take time to recognize your greatness take time to recognize the greatness around you you are what you surround yourself by they say inspiration is what we look at on a daily basis at the same time what we want in our minds you gotta feed your mind and your vision positive food your what you ingest so make sure you ingest more good things into your self confidence we have to feed and nourish our self confidence we are so quick to second guess our blessings second guessing ourselves I'm still trying to find out and exact time of when this his been placed in our DNA to feel we are not good enough we are not strong enough we are too tired or just to fed up when was bowing down put in our DNA some have learn to use it as fuel some have it let it be the water to there fire of motivation and inspiration second guessing our self I put myself in it because I've found myself plenty of times asking myself question myself but what I realized is I was beginning to learn myself and recognize myself self recognition is very important one day is just how we have to take it be inspired to do more and full fill more life is so mystical in its mystery as we uncover and reach new heights in life elevate with the progression be your biggest supporter one day you just might thank yourself for it



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Click picture for new video- can't see dem

we asked skorge da hoodlum to describe his music in one word and the word he gave us was "south side" hard work dedication sacrifice and self motivation and self inspiration. skorge says its not about being next to the people who got it its about creating your identity becoming your own person and always being confident as an artist to tell your own story growing up on the south side of Wilkinsburg taught him don't be scared to take nothing and make something but be humble and count your blessings and keep going hard for yours Spotify trending iTunes charting radio charting independent and global with his l.p ftlan reaching success on the charts landing in at number 4 digitally with his l.p alarm clock gaining success his official single stepped off in the club gaining steam reaching the radio charts peaked in at num 74 on the independent charts and 184 on the global 200 as here is gearing us up for a 2018 release of hoodlum reign we are expecting him to continue his journey of success



to the official hardcopy purchasing page of skorge DA hoodlum music this is the only place on the internet you will be able to purchase skorge DA hoodlum merch


 Autographed hard copies of his projects will be sold here coming soon ftlan deluxe edition with CD DVD and his new project alarm clock








 It's 2018 and skorge da hoodlum has been hard at work on two new projects dropping real soon ftlan 2 and hoodlum reign as he gears  to bring more original music and motivation and inspiration skorge says they been asking for a motivator an inspiration to get the streets back active to get thoseback feeling the hustler spirit skorge plans to do just that he says he been working on alot of music and videos and it's all coming soon 2018 has been a year of change 2018 has been nothing but hard work and dedication skorge says it's gone show on his new projects the growth the maturity the reality the hunger the relentlessness that comes from being a hustler skorge is dedicating this project hoodlum reign to pimp c skorge says he is the Southside adopted hoodlum it's undeniable his ora his essence his presence is being felt his style is being adopted his production is being copied but the often imitated never faded says authentic can't be duplicated skorge says he coming with it we turning up it all the way up to the maximum self made out the mud skorge says they through him dirt so he took a mud bath skorge says they threw him coals so he made toothpaste we are ready for new skorge da hoodlum how bout you we will keep you updated cover coming soon you can keep up with him on Instagram and twitter @skorgedahoodlum


 coming soon the newest lp of skorge da hoodlum HOODLUM REIGN majority  by skorge da hoodoum and diezel productions coming late 2018 early 2019 release tbd


alarm clock the album out now as of oct 31 2017 on all major digital retailers Spotify trending radio charting this project is digitally making strides and impressive numbers


riding off his 2016 summer debut e.p.- f.t.l.a.n short for f8ck these lame a$$ n!99as. skorge is gearing up to bring his debut l.p. "alarm clock" skorge says this project is about waking people up who been sleeping on him he says this project is for the disloyal this project is for those who counted him out  who didn't believe he says this is for the critics who questioned can he deliver his own original quality material the critics say asked after countless mixtapes does he still have the energy does he still have the passion does he still have the desire does he still have the hunger does he still have the ambition does he still have the focus does he still want this as he looks to answer all the questions through his music he says this is his most personal project to date with 12-13 songs skorge is determined to wake people up this project is being mastered by a Grammy nominated producer and features production from blb studios own in house producer top 40 charts let the world know this project was on it way we are to announce it is coming soon 


it is final here alarm clock









also available on google play shazam napster rhapsody  apple music etc










official single off alarm clock prod by grammy nominated diezel production request everywhere in the club and on your fav radio station gaining 1000 radio spins a week he continues to raise his game in this business

can stream here purchase link also availabel




 Official single produced by skorge DA hoodlum coming soon this is thee 1st official single off alarm clock






about skorge da hoodlum





hittaz video shoot video coming soon feb 2017




skorge da hoodlum is an artist from southside Wilkinsburg pa that's has been grooming his craft and sharpening his mind in the music business skorge says he has a lot in store and just keep intune with his music and his brand he doesn't have much to say he wants the music to the do the talking working non stop in his studio he created str8 drop studios follow on twitter and intstagram @skorgedahoodlum for all music booking email hoodlum management at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. add his manager on instagram @hoodlummanagement

f.t.l.a.n reached num 4 on iTunes charts internationally



click photo for I tunes purchase^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

hittaz starts off the ep. it has a gritty raw sound that really captures your ear and as skorge starts he lets you know its going to be some street music

wont let me sleep is the second single and the first video off the e.p. wont let me sleep is an instant street anthem to those motivated to do more in life the hook says it all and is inspiring a lot of people being broke wont let me sleep round here you aint sh%% if you aint tryna eat. this is a clear representation of the mind frame of south side Wilkinsburg work now sleep later the third song and we feel is when the ep turns up is over load it has a real hype beat that as soon as you hear it you want to do something this song really makes you want to do push ups or cut the grass or do the dishes or paint whatever you have to do this song gives you  motivation to get it on it the fourth song is entitled cant see dem skorge says this song is his dedication and love to jazz if you hear the beat it does have a real jazzy feel he says he grew p to his father playing a lot of jazz and he grew a liking to live instruments and that soulful sound live instruments create he tried to capture that feeling on this song which is an interesting story about overcoming adversities in numerous fashions the last song and radio and dj and blog fav is flick it al this song is artisitically so put together hat you can miss the tru beauty and sophistication into how this song was orchestrated and engineered to perfection skorge says they actually went back in added the bells to the beat skorge says this beats wasn't complete but they already had the whole song done and he really fell in love with this song once it was completed..

skorge da hoodlum brings his project f.t.l.a.n ep

 1. hittaz

2.wont let me sleep


4.cant see dem

5.flick it all

available in 53 countries digitally



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op records and skorge da hoodlum present bird fare available iheart radio, iTunes, tidal, slacker video on vevo

prod by blaze bundlez





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 Top 40 charts press release 2017 






str8 drop clothing


str8 drop clothing started in Amarillo texas as just a small time clothing store in 2009 selling other brands determine to make a change we decidied to start our own brand and now we are proud to announce we have our own print shop in 2016 and we are expanding our brand and our collection of clothing we are keeping everything under raps until our re launch but we are excited in the improvements of our products quality, variety and our delivery time is improved as well 

whole sale?

we will be accepting whole sale orders upon request you must have the proper paper work for us to discuss wholesale and it is a minimum of $500 we will do a test sample of product(s) at a higher rate for you test our quality we also are doing custom work and are looking forward to helping hungry new designers break through and create more originality a lot of companies say they are for the people and do nothing for the people we gave away countless products to the people worldwide we haven't been around this long if we didn't have good business ethics we really love to create and inspire originality we have more instore for you all

the str8 drop mission

str8 drop clothing is about originality and staying in tuned with the culture (str8 drop) in the streets means "the best" and we are doing more than just taking a slogan and putting a company name to it we are living and breeding to make sure we provide great quality products and not only when you look good wearing our products you feel good as well we just want to bring out the best in you and if we gotta start with your appearance well why not it is the first thing we see when we stare in the mirror at our selves we tend to have a little bit more confidence in ourselves when that color looking just right and them clothes fitting just perfect and everything looking good we tend to smile a little more we tend to give off a more positive energy and that's whats str8 drop clothing represents that's what our mission is and that's to bring nothing but the est to you and help bring nothing but the best out you



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we are the official website behind artist spot lite we have sparked the movement that a lot of music sites are following we been giving a platform for artist speak there mind without words being mixed up they know over here there words are going to come out exactly how they say it we not changing nothing we not editing nothing we gone let the artist give it to the people as raw as they want to as real as they want to as professional as they want to we are also responsible for introducing the world to a list of talented writers and letting there works be read shared and inspired and motivated off we are the site that's gives opportunity after opportunity to those who understand you got to go get it if you want it don't confuse us with those scammers imitators and those not keeping it authentic