It's 2018 and skorge da hoodlum has been hard at work on two new projects dropping real soon ftlan 2 and hoodlum reign as he gears  to bring more original music and motivation and inspiration skorge says they been asking for a motivator an inspiration to get the streets back active to get thoseback feeling the hustler spirit skorge plans to do just that he says he been working on alot of music and videos and it's all coming soon 2018 has been a year of change 2018 has been nothing but hard work and dedication skorge says it's gone show on his new projects the growth the maturity the reality the hunger the relentlessness that comes from being a hustler skorge is dedicating this project hoodlum reign to pimp c skorge says he is the Southside adopted hoodlum it's undeniable his ora his essence his presence is being felt his style is being adopted his production is being copied but the often imitated never faded says authentic can't be duplicated skorge says he coming with it we turning up it all the way up to the maximum self made out the mud skorge says they through him dirt so he took a mud bath skorge says they threw him coals so he made toothpaste we are ready for new skorge da hoodlum how bout you we will keep you updated cover coming soon you can keep up with him on Instagram and twitter @skorgedahoodlum


 coming soon the newest lp of skorge da hoodlum HOODLUM REIGN majority  by skorge da hoodoum and diezel productions coming late 2018 early 2019 release tbd